New Hilariously Offensive Adult Balloons… Imagine your birthday party with these? Upcoming HENS celebrations? Play a joke on your mates!!!

Awesome party decorations or say something with a bang. You can even send direct anonymously or loud and proud with a gift tag. FREE Australian Delivery.

SHOP NOW 6 for $10 - Choose your colour and balloon style.

Want to make the ultimate statement!!! Our awesome mixed balloon bags of 6 styles say it all for you for $14.

The Birthday Bash


Twisted Colours

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  • Six (6) styles for the ultimate birthday party decoration or gift
    • This Party is Shit!
    • This is your Birthday Gift
    • Fuck You’re Old
    • Happy Fucking Birthday
    • A year older and still a dick…
    • Happy Birthday You Old Bastard
  • Latex inflatable standard balloons - inflated 20 – 28cm
  • Delivered flat ready for inflation with helium or air
  • Mixed colour bag - Colours associated with style type may vary

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